So, words.

Part of me wants to say something here just to get past what I wrote yesterday. The other part of me isn’t ready to utter another word, about anything, yet.

But I do want to say thanks for all the kind words, emails and comments since then. You guys are pretty awesome.

Probably the best realization that came out of my vulnerability was knowing I wasn’t alone. And it was so very lonely in my head, bouncing around with these questions and ideas and ideals. Which, aside from being able to express myself, is what this is really all about.

So, words. I have so many of them. And in an effort to change the subject and lighten things up … we’re just a few days away from a birthday in this house. Our daughter is on the brink of turning 7.

When I was 7 my birthday lasted a whole week, seven whole days for turning seven. I got the game SORRY!, a jump rope and a stuffed puppy, among other things.

It just feels like a big year this year.

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