{video} Personal Outsourcing, that is the question.

When I was pregnant (WHEN, not am) my lovely husband gifted me with a cleaning service for a few weeks before the baby came and 6 weeks after. Best. Gift. Ever. But now I’m thinking, hmmm, it might be worth it to have that outsourced and as I’m thinking this I’m curious: What do you outsource?

6 thoughts on “{video} Personal Outsourcing, that is the question.

  1. Ok, if I could outsource ANYTHING it would be organization. I would totally have someone come in help me with my day-day schedule, and help me simplify and organize my home. I tried to marry that person but unfortunatly he has morphed into my random ways instead. I can’t afford this service but if I could it would be totally worth the investment.

  2. Right?!?! I’m with you. We all need a personal assistant keeping our lives on track, calendars easy to read and drawers categorized. Not to mention the file cabinet. And wrapping paper. Or the random, unpacked boxes from 4 moves ago. Shit, I totally need this.

  3. First, your hair is getting so long! Beautiful.

    Second, I too struggle with this. Working mostly from home means that I feel such a choking chaos from the number of different things that I’m constantly bouncing between and I LONG for streamlined time … an hour, maybe two (not to be greedy or anything, ha) of doing one thing uninterrupted, whether writing or programming or spending time with my kids. But, as you’ve touched on in previous posts, it is so so so so difficult to peel ourselves away of the preconceived notions of what life is “supposed” to be like and what we’re “supposed” to do as young wives and mothers.

    That being said, I will likely begin to outsource house-cleaning when we move. I can wait until then because, hello, we live in a thimble right now. This will be hard for me to outsource- I like my home cleaned a certain way, I like my things handled by me, and I like to be the only one that knows my (literally) dirty little secrets.

    I’m wondering if you might tackle the topic of “creating an inventory” as a follow up to this topic … I do this with meals, spending an entire Saturday making freezer meals every six weeks, and I’m curious if you can think of any other stockpiling tactics that, along with outsourcing, could aid in balancing life rhythms. šŸ™‚

  4. The hair! I know – so long. I’m getting excited! Thank you. Great follow up topics, I’ll think of a few time savers, that when I’m on the ball enough, I actually implement for the next video. Maybe not 2 months away? ha!

  5. When I was a working mom (away from home and at home) I felt like I was drowning! I couldn’t do anything anywhere close to great – I was just treading water in all areas of my life! That made me realize that we (women) can not “do it all”. So I can totally see outsourcing the cleaning. Now that I stay at home full-time, I just do a little bit of chores (like cleaning) everyday. And, yes, sometimes that means my bathrooms are a far cry from sparkling and the floors are sprinkled with crumbs and doghair! šŸ˜‰ I am still learning to not equate my self worth to the cleanliness of my home!
    For me, the working mom (with young kids at least) was not worth the stress and chaos it created in my life and my family’s life. And luckily, for me, my family was able to restructure our finances to allow me to stay home full-time. I think it would be awesome if we still lived in a time when us girls could all stay home and tend to the house and raise our own kids…neighborhoods wouldn’t feel so desolate and empty during the daytime hours! I’m so old-fashioned sometimes!!
    But- I’m totally getting off topic now!! Sorry!
    I’m all for outsourcing the stuff that will make life easier!

  6. I LOVE the idea of outsourcing. We had a cleaning service for a few months after little man was born and I thought it was going to be the greatest thing ever. Unfortunately, it ended up being such a thorn in my side. Yes, it was nice to not be scrubbing the toilet but I had to take the time to make sure everything was picked up before they came and then had to plan to be out of the house with the kids (and dog) for 2-3 hours. And when they were late? GRRRR!!! Anyhow, so that didn’t work out too well.

    Now, I could TOTALLY get behind the idea of outsourcing grocery shopping and meals!

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