On getting older

So skin care is actually a big deal, they weren’t lying.

Damn it.

I recently bought an ebook from Crunchy Betty about natural ways to clean oily skin, or acne prone skin … and although I experienced a slight hiatuses from the stupid stuff (Pregnancy hormones! Amazing!) my skin generally likes to argue with me. And it almost always wins.

Ughhhhhhh! Fine! [stomps feet angrily and marches in opposite direction]

So I need to stay on top of this. And probably buy night creams and wash my face before bed and use make up remover. I GET IT.

Only, and sadly, I do not get it. But the ebook helped, as I’m sure scouring her website for recipes and tips would also help – but I’m a fan of the conscise collection of everything-I-need-to-know, here-you-go. (Also I’m a big believer in supporting other bloggers.)

I have a routine, if we can consider a routine something I’m trying lately and count as productive if I remember 3 out of the seven days in a week to actually do it.

Tonight I added DIY Biore Strips to the routine and it works, really well. But she is lying when she says it won’t hurt when you take it off. I applied to my entire face (probably mistake #1) and waited the 10 minutes. But I would be lying if I said I didn’t yell MOTHERFUCKER through out the removal process. Quickly followed by the oooooooh! when I saw all the little creatures coming off my face.

I start with a cleanser/make up removal that is water, Baking Soda and natural unprocessed honey. Followed by a pH balancer of apple cider vinegar and water. Then the Biore strips, if needed. I finish with a honey wash. Simply honey.

I often start my day with a honey wash, too.

What do you guys do? Are there really miracle creams out there? What works and what doesn’t? Let’s discuss.

5 thoughts on “On getting older

  1. That’s funny, I recently started using a honey & baking soda scrub as well!

    I use Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle moisturizer at least once per day. Its the only product I’ve stuck with for a few years now. The consistency is perfect – not too greasy, absorbs quickly. Keeps my skin from looking dull (seriously, the difference if i skip it for a few days is noticeable) and the little bit of retinol is good for blemish prone skin. $12 at the grocery store. Try it.

  2. honey wash?? just honey? how does that work, exactly? you just put honey on your face and then rinse it off?? seems messy. i’ll admit, i never wash my face. like, ever. but maybe i’ll give honey a try.

  3. i should clarify – i “wash” it with water. i don’t wear make-up except on my eyes, so its easy to bypass in the morning/night routine.

  4. I love this post. I’ve been contemplating the same thing lately, as we’re getting “older”. I am also lazy at night and often don’t wash my face before bed. I’d love to get on some sort of routine too. Can you explain your exact concoctions? Can you put it in some sort of bottle or container so you don’t have to make a new batch every time?

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