5 thoughts on “Passionate about socks

  1. I can’t keep track of my own socks. I have “days of the week” socks and get stressed out if I can’t find the color matches. Socks with stripes. Lined socks. Buying a pack of 6 pairs, all the same? Results with having 5 matching socks at the end of the week. I have not gone so far as to safety pin them together before washing, but I do use the net bag for laundry at the farm, where it’s unnecessary because there are so many socks and they appear out of thin air, to the point I sometimes stay after work and sort 50 gallon tote bins of socks. Because I’m nutty.

  2. This makes me smile! My 4 year old daughter sounds like she has the same sock obsession as Jessica! She probably has 30 pair in her drawer – and she uses them to create beds/sleeping bags/clothes for her assortment of babies and stuffed animals – not to mention her own daily regime of switching socks 3-4 times a day!
    Oh yeah, and my oldest boy, when he was 3, would put on every single pair of socks at once (all stretched out like marshmallow feet) and pretend he was some sort of super hero!
    I used to care about unmatched pairs, but I’ve learned there are much more important things to worry over than lonely socks! šŸ˜‰

  3. ha!! Yes, socks are not that important in the scheme of things, I do know this. But ON laundry day when I have to confront an entire bin of unmatched socks – I see a little bit of red. šŸ˜‰

  4. I’m just glad to see that picture of me looking like a crazy person being spread around the internet.

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