Things we covered last night

I went out with some mom’s last night via Moms in Tow – it was a Girls night out, essentially, and it was so much fun.

If you ever find yourself as a parent (or non parent, I suppose) in a group of new people might I suggest some of these conversation topics:

Things you never want to read in an email.

So, you went to Diabete’s camp?

Girls vs boys, the diaper difference.

(Admittedly, this one’s for parents … because, awkward.)

Birthing tips, doctor swapping secrets.

Battle stories from the front lines of raising boys.

So, we covered mostly parenting stuff but I haven’t laughed like that in a while. I’m not a current events conversationalist and I don’t often volunteer information about what I do or am working on … and having older children (no longer toddlers with eating schedules, napping schedules or diaper rashes) can make the parenting conversation a tricky one to navigate. But I don’t know, I’m my own kind of crazy (just ask Aaron.) and it was fun to be part of a group of women who understood that part of me last night.

When you get together with friends, old or new, what keeps the conversation going?

4 thoughts on “Things we covered last night

  1. With my friends it is all about taking your pants off. Or putting them on. Any conversation that begins with “Guys, I need to put my judgy pants on for a minute” or “Lisa, you need to take off your judgy pants” is a good one. It usually involves how we feel around other moms…. and giggling. FRIENDS ARE GOOD.

  2. SO here’s the thing: I would like to be inducted into this Pants Off group of people/thinking. A ceremony is involved, I’m sure. When and where? šŸ˜‰ (That is awesome.)

  3. The “ceremony” occurs when you least expect it… Keep that in mind when you consider which undies you are going to wear each day.

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