Historically my hair doesn’t hold curl. Early 90’s? Hairspray held my hair in any direction it was asked to with my mom at the helm of a curling iron; my bangs were no match for that power.


^^ Me, circa 1990something

Then Brittany posted her tutorial for wavy, delicious locks.

I tried it.

Then I tried it again.

Then I did a rain dance, sat in a quiet circle for 30 minutes, and crossed my fingers to try it again. It worked.

After: it totally worked.

Sweet success with super-fine follicles (just a mass of them) and the right combination. Which is exactly what Brittany outlined. So follow the rules.

Picnik collage

By the end of the day it’s still wavy and beachy – just less bouncy.

End of day wave: tide going out.

And I think I’ll do it again. And again and again and again.

What are you finding that’s wildly changing your routine (or life, or outlook …) we all need a little pick me up, what’s yours lately?

11 thoughts on “Wavvy

  1. Love it Jodi! I have been doing the sock roll curls every day since I read the tutorial on Pinterest, but now I want to try this!

  2. I love this look! And you look GREAT!
    I think I might have to give this a go – I have the the “thick and assy” hair that Brittany describes herself having! (That made me giggle!) Oh yeah, and my little pick me up was taking the leap and just bleaching my whole head of hair (instead of the highlights thing!) So far, I like, but we’ll see when its time to address the roots (ugh!).

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