Mine and yours

Hey guys, I’m gonna put a few things out there and then I want to work together to make it happen, k? I want to make a few dreams come true this year, mine and yours – so after I tell you mine, please tell me yours.


I’ll be making some exciting announcements soon for this space and I can’t wait: in the mean time I’d like work with you more. Your companies, your small businesses. You. The talented folks who make up this community: I’m asking for your help and direction.

This means: we might be seeing some different kinds of advertising here. I’m open to it.

I’d like to get paid to write more and do awesome things. Live out my Life List, have adventures. I want my book published (still writing it) …

I’m of the opinion that I’m not the best speaker, but I’d like to speak to you. If that means Cooking Classes or Conferences, I’m willing to try.

I love collaborating, so lets!

A few larger picture dreams: I want to go to Spain with my husband, soon. Very soon. I want to photograph the details. I want to own another home, but mostly I want to own a barn. And garden again.

Now you … because none of this means anything unless your dreams are coming true, too.

5 thoughts on “Mine and yours

  1. This is a soul searching question.
    I want to prove to myself for the sake of my children that we do not need to have 2 full time incomes. I want to be able to say that they were better off because I was here with them. This has been a life long goal. At the same time, I don’t want to completely lose me.
    I want to figure out how people motivate themselves and work at a goal consistently and not be distracted by a newer shinier goal.
    I want experience the rush of having something published
    I want to lose 35 lbs and never ever have arthritic problems while doing it. I am 36 for crying out loud.
    I want to learn how to use my camera really really well. I can use it to capture how I feel, and what I see that no one else does.
    In the meantime I want my house to stay clean.
    That probably doesn’t need advertising on your blog…. šŸ˜‰

  2. My dream for the time being is to learn how to be content. Dreams and goals are awesome – and I love yours about publishing and writing and the Spain trip! – but sometimes learning just to “Be” (in a Zen like sense) is a greater accomplishment. I have the tendency to lose myself through always doing, going, and aspiring to new and bigger and better things.
    I guess you could say I’ve been doIng some soul searching lately too.

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