I am so excited to be here, at this place and in this time. It’s been a rough go of the last year and especially the start to 2012 and there are times when I feel I’m living 2 lives. One here, online, and the other, often sadder version, of my real life.

I’ve struggled with growing pains for a very long time (in all areas of my life) and it’s something I’m pretty open about. Growing as a mother, as a wife, growing as a family, as a writer, a dreamer, a do-er and a wanter of amazing things and experiences. Growing as a friend, painfully growing as an individual.

I write down goals and dreams often and at the beginning of this year I made no exceptions. I’ve been pretty vocal about what’s going on in some parts of my life and in others, I’ve shut down completely, not allowing anyone but the closest to me see the pain and anguish, the careful dance of when reality and expectations don’t measure up to equal a whole.

Part of the current growth for this space, online, is so that I can live out what my vision and passion for this really is: to inspire you, and me. To take you along for the amazing ride ahead. To go somewhere, together. I have something to say and I’m learning how to say it.

I want to bring opportunities to you. I want to keep this very raw and open place for me to write and live out-loud, but I also want to take what I have to say and tell my story where ever I go. It’s not about money or growth (in business) for me. It’s about being naked on paper. It’s about being real and honest, high and low. It’s about getting out of my own way so I can finally succeed.

So, guys: Thank you! I don’t think you all know how much you’re a part of this with me. And in the event that you do not; You are all a vein connected directly to the heart of this space and it’s from my deepest gratitude that I say Thanks for being such a vibrant, beating pulse.

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