Bound for Blissdom {speed dating}

Good Morning! I’m on my way to Blissdom in beautiful Nashville, TN.

A few things:

I just made a big announcement as I took on my first team member! Meghan is here part-time to help with upcoming projects. You should probably email Meghan because she’s all kinds of awesome and we like you. Let’s work together.

For an indepth look at me take a peak at my About Me page. From there you’ll learn everything there is to know about me (and then some, I’m sure.) but if I still haven’t answered your questions you should email me. I love talking. Via email.

Quick Ways to Connect:

Leave a comment with where I can get in touch with you and hopefully we’ll bump into each other this weekend!

A few interesting things: I was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (it was a difficult diagnosis), I have two awesome kids (girl and boy, 7 and 3 respectively), I’m married going on 9 years, we’re a debt free family currently renting and hoping to buy soon. I also write for My Turnstone and Curvy Girl Guide. I’m writing a book! I take A. Lot. of photos and I’m always in the kitchen.

Jodi Trivia:

Born in Africa. Has a Life List. Always wanted to be a mom. Has had many jobs including, but not limited to, Creative Memories Consultant, Real Estate Agent, bus-girl at Country Club, maid staff for hotel, Bank Customer Service Rep and more. Been sky-diving. Has five tattoos. Loves to read and dance.

Now you!

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