Writers Constipation

Like that? How I’m avoiding Writers Block and instead calling it Writers Constipation? Because it’s true. I’m not blocked, I’m stuck.

I just can’t decide where to go from here. Writing dangerously, complete exposure, or being just dangerous enough to stay fresh. Which is really a darker shade of Safe.

I love being able to control what people think of me. Secret number one. I can be vulnerable and brave but still teeter the scale in my favor. What happens when I let it go and just throw it out there, I’ll be at the mercy of public opinion. No longer able to wrangle perception.

But I’ll be free.

And so far the cost of my freedom is my health, oftentimes my happiness, and most definitely my crippling fear of what people think.

Every day I get closer but I want to stop teasing and just starting writing. I just can’t yet, or I haven’t. Instead I’m avoiding it because, didn’t you know, avoiding things is so much easier than walking through the disaster to see how fire-proof you really are.

I’m about to find out.

4 thoughts on “Writers Constipation

  1. My most favorite grandma explained constipation to me many many years ago when I asked her what it meant. She told me “It is the urge to purge and you can’t purge.” I have never forgotten this definition and have found it explains areas in my life that have no relationship with my digestive system.
    Eventually, the purging happens. Don’t force it – because then you could have hemorrhoids …and you don’t want them either! šŸ™‚

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