What? Fine.


I blog all day long for you, commentary on the narration of my life. Quick quips with prose and often, poetry. Problem is, it’s just the way I think. Working on making that happen more often over here.

I’m embarrassed about my poetry – it’s something I used to do with a fever for words. I’ve got the fever again. I’m getting braver.

Unfortunately my favorite song to write to lately is “O.M.G.” by Usher. Be inspired. I am.

Along the way of getting married and having kids I fell in to a well infested with thoughts that I had to give up who I was becoming in-order to be a good ____________ (insert life-title). I drowned in good enough and now I’m clawing my way up the bricks and mortar of the well. It’s messy.

I’m reading The Hunger Games. So far I’m incredibly disturbed. I’m also reading a good book on Diabetes, Sensory Defensiveness for one of my kids and I still haven’t finished Bittersweet. I can take about 2 chapters a week right now. I’m listening.

I’m still naked on paper elsewhere when the mood strikes. It’s become the place where I put my ugly and desperate. The place where I scream and cry and figure this out.

I am a grown-ass-woman. Deal with it.

I’m getting braver.

I’m a Season Junkie. Is there a show you love that has Seasons available on Netflix? I want to know about it. Friday Night Lights, finished. Kardashians, I know. But still. Caught up. American Pickers? I LOVE MIKE AND FRANK.

I work best with chaos in the wings, a list, and a chunk of time. Working on being better at the list and dedicating the appropriate time. I could take over my world, so I am.

Today I went to the gym and allowed them to remind me why I fork over money every month. I love finishing. SO much. It’s the starting that sucks.

“Oooohhhhh, baby you got it alllll! Sexy from the head to the toe. And I want it all and all and all. So baby let me love you dowwwwn. …..”

I’m scared, too.

Let’s go dancing.

5 thoughts on “What? Fine.

  1. Breaking Bad. Downton Abbey. So different yet both so good! Also, Tudors. And Workaholics. You won’t be sorry!

  2. I’m in love with starting, but have a hard time finishing! So, I can start all your projects, and you come by and finish all mine! šŸ˜‰

    I’ve recently started streaming The United States of Tara on Netflix. And I love it! Very different, a little weird…but somehow I can relate to her crazy, chaotic life and John Corbett plays Tara’s husband – and I have a little thing for him I suppose (ever since those early days in Northern Exposure!).

  3. Great recommendations – thanks! I hate starting a workout … to clarify, not projects. I love starting projects and finishing them. Unless I’m building something, then .. well, not so much.

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