She gets up there then yells: I forgot to mention, I'm afraid of heights!

Things I’ve learned by watching my kids:

If you have it all figured out you’re missing something.

Boundaries are a healthy medium to a relationship, they’re also a conversation.

Starting something and not being able to see the ending is called an adventure. Kids live for adventures.

A surprise is different than a secret. Be clear.

Look up, not down, when climbing.

It’s ok to ask for help.

Hot, quick emotions are easily forgotten. It’s the simmering ones that burn.

Forgetting what just happened means you were really there and now that you’re really here. One thing at a time.

Every tree was meant to be climbed. Every rock was meant for jumping.

A living room full of lava, couch cushions as life preservers, and your entire linen closet as a tent: is an invitation.

A puzzle is different every time you piece it together.

2 thoughts on “fear

  1. So very true – every bit of it down to the lava. Might type it up and post it on my kitchen bulletin board as a reminder. Cheers
    Ps very very very cool pic

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