April 19th, 2012 – wait for it.

Hey! Let’s get to know each other. Ehum.

A few weeks ago I tweeted a reference to my Life List and wanting to learn botany. My lovely friend and most oft-partner in crime, Stacey, responded:

twitter conversation, the beginning

Enter Pat’s Eurepoean Flower Market in Holland. Stacey and I went right in and proposed the idea of our ability to shadow Pat all the while explaining our idea without sounding like complete crazies.

Hi, we have this dream and if we could just be your free labor for a day, would you let us, um you know, learn about arrangements and then deliver the flowers to your customers?

Stacey had more grace than me, per usual. I mostly giggled. And you better believe I’ll be bringing my camera and telling you all about it.

You can order flowers from Pat’s anytime by calling (616) 796-3221 and any orders fulfilled on April 19th will be created and delivered by myself and Stacey. (HIGH FIVES)

Pat’s European Fresh Flower Market is located at 505 West 17th St. in Holland, Michigan.

So, friends and strangers and anyone interested in getting flowers – you have a job to do: Call Pat’s and order some flowers for delivery on April 19th. We’re forever grateful.

I think I'd like to intern at a flower shop. #learnbotany #lifelist

And we cannot wait to see your faces!

6 thoughts on “April 19th, 2012 – wait for it.

  1. so get this. I’m actually going to be in Holland late in the afternoon on the 19th. I should totally send my mom flowers! Do they deliver to zeeland you think?

  2. LOOOOOVE this idea!! How fun!!! I worked at Eastern Floral the week of Mother’s Day several years back – it was crazy! But oh so fun arranging all the flowers!

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