So you’re having a vasectomy?

There’s a few things you need to do first, you’re aware. And as a super helpful wife – I’ve got a little kit for your recovery.

Well, actually I have the kit you should NEVER give your spouse through recovery. Let’s chat about “What not to do.”

You should never offer a DIY kit:

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And now is a really bad time to announce you’re pregnant:


The morning of the vasectomy is probably not the best time to tell your husband you have company coming in for the weekend. And you don’t have a guest bedroom.


It’s also not the best weekend to volunteer your guy to supervise a sleepover …

First slumber party!

You’ll have to push back the plans to go rock climbing or slack lining.


slack line

And, in general, it’s a bad time to offer the suggestion of a martial arts course, ball room dancing, a new gym membership. Don’t tell him you signed him up for Spin Class tomorrow morning.

This isn’t the weekend to debut your newest lingerie purchase. It’s the worst weekend possible for you to host your parents for dinner, or forget to mention you’ll be out of town for a bachelorette party … so he’s got the kids!

Jessica on the swing

But by all means, the least you can do is outfit his recovery with a new t-shirt.

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Congratulations!! If you haven’t met his lawyer yet, you might after these gifts.

Tread lightly, ladies. Be gentle.

4 thoughts on “So you’re having a vasectomy?

  1. Have you heard that March Madness is the most popular time to have a vasectomy? I think it’s hilarious!

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