I am somewhat of an outspoken knowitall on moving. I mean, I’ve only done it 23874858p7263o5132sdiug times. This last time? As in just 4 days ago … was more of a clusterfuck than an organized move. I had boxes but didn’t bother to label them.

We didn’t systematically pack the house and move by room, we kind of just took stuff out of one house (in the rain) and put it in the back of a semi, moved it to the new house’s garage and repeated that process for 3 days (the semi, only one day).

We might have over estimated. So, uh.

I did, however, make a Moving Checklist and knocked all of those to-do’s out of the park. Change address, check! Change utilities, check! Buy washer and dryer, check! Check check check!

And then we had the plumber install a gas line for said dryer yesterday and almost 6 hours (and 2 new sinks) later … he left.

I had sick kids yesterday and no water for over 5 hours. I didn’t shower until 7 last night and while I was showering the water started backing up.

Home ownership, guys. I missed the hell out of it.

Piping has never looked so sexy to me.


It begins. (Tile stays for a while - paint and wallpaper border go. Soon. Choosing replacement color - I like the greys)

No, I’m serious. This is so much fun. Don’t let my random, frustrated stream of consciousness lead you down the road of doubt for me.

Happy Tuesday! It’s Washer and Dryer delivery day. Also kids back in school day and catch up on work day. It’s make more coffee day and ponder life’s tough questions concerning Rustoleum paint colors day! It’s unpack a box day and clean something disgusting day, it’s mow the lawn already day and make a dream come true day. It’s get a trash can day and walk to the garden nursery day, it’s a BIG SURPRISE for the kids day and get some damn groceries day.

It’s such a great day.

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