I can’t make this up

All I need to do is stand back watch this stuff happen to us:

So, you might have heard, that we found out post-signatures for deed’s to this house, that we actually own twice as much land as we originally thought. We have an extra lot that is bigger than the one our house sits on. The listing agent stopped by after we were settled to give us the extra keys and garage door opener and when I asked him about it he simply said “Oh yea, forgot to mention that!”

Obviously, he is my favorite.

Last week was Oliver’s birthday excitement (he is four, I don’t want to talk about it.) and his birthday wish was “To be a girl!” He wants to wear a dress, you see. Insert Romans, Vikings, Ireland, Greeks … I am now teaching my kid about History and Revolutions because, duh?, boys are allowed to wear dresses.

While we were moving in (and still are) the kids’ favorite thing to do is ride bikes on the sidewalk – but not before Oliver takes his pillow outside and lays underneath them to “fix them” like a mechanic. It’s the cutest thing in the world, forever and ever amen.

I literally lost track of Aaron and Jessica this weekend – Jessica was playing in our yard and Aaron was supervising/organizing the garage and I went out to tell them dinner was ready – but for 40 minutes couldn’t find either one of them. 32 minutes into my freak out (and 7 angry phone calls and about 13 explicit texts to Aaron) I realize his phone is in our bedroom. Not in his pocket. I freaked out. A lot. Hi neighbors! I’m crazy!

On the bright side: there are kids in our neighborhood and we have trees for tree-houses possibilities. I’ve been digging in the dirt and planning a garden. I’m researching goats and chickens … not for now, but some day. And I actually said this out loud “I want a bunny”. Me and animals? admire each other from afar. I’m not really the furry kind of person. Fish are fun!

What’s happening with you guys?

3 thoughts on “I can’t make this up

  1. As your neighbor & a farmer, I’m politely discouraging the bunny. And the chicken. Goats are cool. How high are you willing to build fences to prevent them escaping. We should chat sometime so we can talk about animal smells. And my dreams starring goats. I had them. Well, not so much dreams but nightmares. But those about a really big intact goat.

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