Let’s catch up

I’ve been a busy girl and we’ve got exciting things happening – here’s where I tell you all about them and get you excited about what’s to come AND THEN, here’s where you tell me what you’ve got going on, because friends: I am your cheerleader.


A few weeks ago this happened and it was awesome.

Life List: Learn Botany (arrange flowers)

via jodimichelle on flickr.

Then I was part of the Mom’s Night Out event with Mom’s in Tow (link) where there was fun had by all and donations were out of control:

What a haul! Way to go @momsintow and @nestlingsdb

via jodimichelle on flickr.

It was such a fun event to be a part of; pampering all you ladies and listening to live music.

WOOHOO! I’m gearing up to take this trip with Jessica in a month.

Details: I’ll be leaving on June 6th and heading Westward. No plans, specifically, but if you have ideas – leave them in the comments here or in that specific post. I’ve also started a Pinterest Board dedicated to all the things we might want to see or do (or helpful hints) on this very special trip. I’d love for you to contribute to the board (I can add you, just ask) and to be a huge part of making this dream come true.

I’m going on this adventure no matter what, but if you’re interested in getting behind it in any way – we’ve got some fun ideas to contribute to your possible involvement and you can email Christi or myself for details, specifics or questions or simply leave a comment.

I’ve been talking my head off over at Turnstone lately – here’s what’s been on my mind:

Upcycle an old spring
10 reasons to leave your desk because I said so.
An office and it’s walkability
Desktop yoga, let’s get stretchy!
Let’s hang out

And on Curvy Girl Guide I’ve tackled a few kitchen quandaries for you:

Oh, except first I talk about my bad parenting: The cardinal sins of babysitting
3 ingredient margarita’s
Gourmet murder let’s eat a live sea creature, I’ll show you how to kill it first.
This shrimp cocktail will change your life … no more shrimp cocktails that fall flat and boast indigestion and heartburn.
Raspberry bran muffins
Totes Adorbs: easy DIY doughnuts.

So, now that we’re caught up: what’s exciting on your end? What are you doing soon to make your dreams come true – and how can I help?

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  1. Love it! It is so great to hear all the good that is going on for you. I do have this little dream/idea that I think would be fun to run by you and Stacey some time…

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