{A video} on a road trip dream

(Yes, I know “Someday” is spelled wrong in the video – a tribute to spellcheck will live on forever.)

This post started it all and now in just 4 short weeks I get to roll in to the carpool lane, pick up my Pixie, and head West.

[We’ll] drink sweet tea on porches by moonlight and [I’ll] let my daughter man the camera all the while.

We’ll sing old timey songs, buy ridiculously too-big sun glasses and sun hats, drive with her feet perched outside the window and drink from striped straws every chance we get.

I want to make it as far away as possible without actually getting anywhere. Maybe we’ll drive 20 miles in the span of 5 hours – stopping at every grassy knoll to pick flowers, have a pic-nic or browse junk piles on the road.

We’ll stop at every “Worlds Largest!” tourist trap, spontaneously swim in un-found creeks with baby waterfalls. We’ll talk.

We’ll hold hands.

We’ll have bubble gum contests and cry from laughing so hard. We’ll perfect peeing on the side of the road.

We’ll stay off the mainstream highways, promising each other to look for every dead end and take it.

First Grade is almost over, it’d be just me and her. Her and I. Together. With sunshine and flip flops and an old, trusty Ford a Jetta forging the way to a dream come true.

My stomach flips just thinking about it. I am so excited.

6 thoughts on “{A video} on a road trip dream

  1. YAY!!! What a great memory/experience that will be for the both of you! Jessica is so lucky to have an adventurous and strong mama like you! XO

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