Who me?

Vintage 9West shoes. So this is what the big deal is all about? I get it now.

5 bucks.

Industrial porn.

$10 bucks for all three. Light included. (similar idea, pottery barn or overstock)

Marushka. Someone let me steal it for a quarter today.


This is why I thrift.

I found this or you though: vintage coffee table – $5. Paint this. Aqua maybe?

I found these too: Factory carts – $95. You buy this right now. We paid $300 a piece for refinished factory carts in Chicago a few years ago. Coffee tables, laundry cart, awesome shit holder.

I wasn’t even looking when I found these: 2 couches, 2 chairs bamboo patio furniture – $170. I will split this with someone. Anyone? Paint them, recover them. Drink martini’s.

A few days ago these chairs (pictured below) were on close out at Bibles For Mexico for TWO DOLLARS EACH.


What are you looking for? What have you found lately?

7 thoughts on “pshaw!

  1. shh….. bibles for mexico is my secret hideout place when I visit the mitten. My grandma used to volunteer there, and it’s close to my heart.

  2. I second the Shhh.. on Bibles for Mexico jodi! If you give away all the secrets the good finds will be harder to find;)

  3. I LOVE the chairs! I’ve always had this thing for mismatch chairs, I hate sets. In fact my senior show in college was 5 chairs that I rescued and painted in different ways, sitting in a row. That picture that you have of the chairs, is something I would frame and hang in a random place.

  4. ugh, I am constantly looking for so many things! Right now I am on the hunt for a good Buffet/Sideboard. I am currently using my old dresser from college šŸ™‚ It works, but not quite so nice to look at. I actually have a list of things I would like to have so whenever I am out and about [without kids], I will peek around with that list in the back of my mind. It takes a while, but I usually find what I am looking for at a great price. Has anyone checked out the warehouses on Century Ave in Grand Rapids? So much fun! I highly recommend.

  5. There are 3 or 4 shops set up in the bottom of these Warehouses [you can see then from 131], the first is a rummage type of place, if you are easily overwhelmed you shouldn’t go in there. The second one is more staged in vignettes, and the third is also more rummage, but not as overwhelming as the first. I have been meaning to go down there and shop for mismatched dinnerware for a while. Let me know if you want to go!

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