Do you have sticky old drawers? Perhaps you just painted and now you’re experiencing the aftermath of semi gloss bonding to itself?

People: I have a solution.

Sticky drawer remedy.

You simply take some wax paper and fold it (no slivers!) …

Sticky drawer remedy.

Then you rub down each and every angle/side and piece of the drawer that will touch the the box or mechanics of the drawer …

Sticky drawer remedy.

Don’t forget the inside of the drawer “box”.

Sticky drawer remedy.

It’s good to see transference of guck from the drawer to the wax paper, this means you’re actually leaving the wax on the drawer (hence allowing it to slide easier).

Sticky drawer remedy.

See also my amazing video tutorial that says all of this via moving picture. If you get motion sick, I’m warning you.

Unite drawer wranglers! No more screaming obscenities under our breath or breaking vases that fall from the shaking and mismanaging of our sticky drawers. I’m looking at you.

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