How pinteresting! JENGA!

We made a huge outdoor Jenga set out of 2X3X96 boards for less than $15.00.


via jodimichelle on flickr.

It’s very easy.

Step 1: Go to Lowes.

Step 2: Buy seven 2X3X96 boards.

Step 3: Ask them to make a cut every 7.5 inches. (At Lowes, they’ll cut your wood to your specific dimensions for free)

making a large Jenga game

via schaapy on flickr. Everyone say hi to Ryan, this is his first time in a hardware store!

Step 4: Purchase and return home, then you stack and take turns smack talking each other.


Unlimited fun!

For $14.98 we just bought ourselves a summer of fun right there and all we did was a little math, used our manners at the hardware store, and created a timeless game for all ages. Thanks, Pinterest!

7 thoughts on “How pinteresting! JENGA!

  1. Nope – they do sell 2X3’s – if you wanted to use the 2X4 you’d have to adjust your length to 3 times the width of the board. (a 2X3 is really only 2.5 wide – times that by three is 7.5 – which is how we got our measurements.)

  2. I just got done at Lowes and purchased the blocks. cost $13.98 + tax…cheap…. First we have to sand some of the splintered pieces off but thanks to you and pintrest our family will have hours of fun with this….thanks again

  3. Love the idea! How do u suggest storing it and having it ready to play with, instead of stacking it every time it’s played with? Like the smaller version with a box and wedge thingy

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