I’m a little tomato plant

Here’s how to help me grow bigger and stronger.

Bigger, stronger tomato plants

Bob as a blob! He’s not even a flower yet, isn’t he cute? You just bought a tomato plant from your local nursery or farmers market. Good idea.

Now pick some good, moist soil to plant him in. He likes coffee grounds (keeps the bugs away) and crushed egg shells will help the soil, too.

Dig a hole deep enough to encompass the bottom branches, but don’t break them.

Bigger, stronger tomato plants

You just fold them over, gently, and cover with dirt during planting. Those branches will reach down and become roots – making your tomato plant bigger and stronger.

Bigger, stronger tomato plants

Soon Bob will be born! He’s delicious.

Happy gardening!

2 thoughts on “I’m a little tomato plant

  1. Yea! We’re planting our little Toms tonight…perfect timing! I didn’t know about folding down the bottom branches, we will give it a try!

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