Michigan to Wisconsin, a ferry and a dream

I have so much to tell you. So many thoughts and feelings inside about this trip and I keep putting them in the corner of my heart for later, but I can’t hold anymore – we’re bursting at the seams.

I made notes yesterday while Jessica was talking about this or that. All of a sudden she’d burst out “This is the best life!” “That’s a dream of mine!” and I got energetic forces of hugs out of nowhere and she held my hand and giggled and made silly faces for my benefit.

It’s only been a day, but I’ve been waiting my entire life for this with her. To see the light go on behind her eyes just because we’re together.

Taking A voyage across the great lake. #roadtrip12

The feedback I’m getting is beyond humbling, the text messages, “likes” and comments, emails and even phone calls. You guys are taking this ride with me, with us, and we can feel it. Thank you.

We're on a boat! #roadtrip12

Cheers! #roadtrip12

But I can’t be more clear, this is not about me or what I’m doing. It’s about her and what she’ll do someday in her own life. It’s for her, because of her, totally in spite of me. If I had an agenda here I’d just get in the way. Any agenda would. I can’t shape the course of this trip anymore than I can tell her to be a teacher and wait for it to happen.

I have a gift to give her: the privilege of choice. And we’re exercising that. Funny thing is: she’s learning that when we say yes with a heart of pure adventure and little expectation but complete trust for the outcome – we always succeed.

Because I want her to know that succeeding isn’t just a diploma or letters behind her name. She’ll succeed every time she follows the whimsy’s calling – every time she says yes to something bigger than herself.

Today that something is finding a waterfall and horses to ride. Today’s it’s eating a second breakfast and putting temporary tattoos on our ankles. Today is our someday.

One thought on “Michigan to Wisconsin, a ferry and a dream

  1. You are creating the most amazing memories of a lifetime right now. I would bet just about anything that this is something your daughter will do with her daughter, and so on.

    I think you’re setting up a great book to write someday too… just sayin’ šŸ™‚

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