I have a full google reader of amazing things to catch up on. I have a few most-favorite blogs I devour – but lately I’ve been avoiding eye contact with their growing number of unread goodness piling up.

It got me thinking.


Even I have things to catch up on, to write about, to get done. I have work to do and in the middle of it, I have this amazing gift of a life to live.

We rolled in the drive way today exactly one week (to the minute) from take off on June 6th – The Road Trip adventure quietly coming to a close as we walked in an empty house, turned around, and walked right back outside to build a tire swing.

Because I’ll get to the laundry – and the reading of all the wonderful my favorite writers and livers and insirperers are doing. I’ll get there.

Right after I smell her head just one more time.


Right after I touch her velvet soft skin and feel the weight of her tiny body lean into mine for a squeeze. Sometimes the power is in knowing you can. I can take this farther and do more, I can work harder – get there faster. I can.

I just won’t. Not today.

Today I’m busy.

ABC game.

We’re still looking for Q.

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