11 reasons to listen (a free printable)

When you: I hear ... A free printable at www.jodimichelle.com

I went ahead and made a little something for your wall. A poster, perhaps? Summer vacation has begun!! But now I just have a simple reminder to the kids. This is not a “How to get mom to love you” poster, thats unconditional. This is a “how to all get along this summer” poster with helpful hints. Very. Helpful. Hints.


When you I hear via jodimichelle.com

2 thoughts on “11 reasons to listen (a free printable)

  1. I love this. I just finished reading the book “Taming the Spirited Child” and it’s full of great advice but made me feel like I need to plaster myself with positivity and encouragement and after a couple weeks of constantly trying I feel like this poster is permission to be real. I’ll find a middle ground…

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