A free night

A free night on my calendar and immediately I’m plotting how to get the husband excited about a little DIY. Is tonight the night for painting? Maybe putting in that fire pit? YARD WORK! I know, I know: we’ll demo the bathroom. Paint the kitchen cabinets. GO TO A FLEA MARKET?!?!

Gone are the evenings of sitting on the couch catching up on Friday Night Lights or renting endless movies off iTunes. We have a life. That life is a house.

Should we plant a garden? Rent a wood chipper? Hang a tire swing? Have a family game night? Outdoor movie?

ShouldwedoanythingI’vepinnedonpinterestatanypointwhatsoever ::: BREATHE ::: becauseIcannotstopsomeonehelpme?

I have a passion, it turns out, for carpentry and devouring home improvement.

Your junk pile is not safe, it’s not off limits. I will hunt it, scour it’s goodness, save items and repurpose them.

I eat broken chairs for breakfast. Snacks? Are baby coffee tables, light fixtures and vinyl stick tiles. Dinner, as it turns out, might as well be one entrée after another of painting, demoing, and more painting. Dessert is obviously photographing and blogging about it all. Because, you guys. I mean. I just.

My husband likes a good scotch and a great book, someone send him a survival kit.

Until then, we’re donning paint shirts and endless color pallets. We swing hammers, slick brushes, topple bookcases.

All our love, we wish you were here!

Milkshakes? Or whiskey margaritas? #love

the Schaaps.

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