Let’s talk about photos, a day late

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Today I’m going to be offering a giveaway from Easy Canvas Prints. Here’s my disclosure on such things.

I’ve been talking to someone at Easy Canvas Prints for a good 6 months now – through renting and then buying a house, to finally deciding I could start putting something on the wall. They were patient and so helpful. Three cheers for them! The conversation changed from month to month and we finally landed on instagram photos.

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Some days we just end up here; missing you. Almost 8 years.


Windy Red.


But photos, the other language I speak. The way I draw, illustrate and punctuate our lives. Like bookends to the memories we make, a photo always brings me back – or thrusting forward. To say it was difficult to pick a few photos for prints was an understatement. I don’t print photos – haven’t in a good 3 years so I have an arsenal of photography just stored digitally and when I go back to sort through I get lost in the days we spent planting a garden, walks we would take downtown, beach afternoons and the soft skin of my newborns.

This giveaway is for one canvas print – you get to pick the size – either 8X8 or 8X10 and is open to US residents only. The Easy Canvas Print Giveaway ends August 24th 10pm EST.

I chose photos that weren’t of people and I poured over this decision to a fault. I ordered one for my daughter and one for my son – both of objects/scenes, of something that would remind them. I pin and clip all kinds of art ideas from websites and magazines because the art in a room is what gives it a soul, in my opinion. I like making my own art but I also like hanging photos, not necessarily my own. I like the variety – the unpredictability.

Not that the photos on our walls or desks can’t be of people. I love being reminded of the people in my life, but if I’m going to remember them – I want to remember what it was about them that I love so much.

Like how my son’s belly button is one of my favorite things about him. A little universe of HELLO!

Sleepy comic book reading belly buttons of Friday morning.

Not that I would ever say no to a photo of his smile πŸ˜‰

Summer heat

I love photos of processes. Mid baking, the kitchen sink full of clean dishes, chopping fresh veggies. Not the end result, the currency of the transaction.


And the photos of my daughter lost in what makes her happy. The life of the imagination.

Practice bride. Stop time.


What photos do you love displaying? Leave me a comment here and tell me about your favorite photo. Is it an old one of your grandma? Is it a traditional photo you took every year in the same spot, marking time?

One entry per IP address, per day. Giveaway for ONE Easy Canvas Print ends August 24th at 10pm EST.

It’s good to be back.


9 thoughts on “Let’s talk about photos, a day late

  1. LOVE the style and the pictures you picked out! My husband and I both being into music- my favorite photo’s to display are those of us playing cello/piano where ever we feel…

  2. Who doesn’t love a canvas photo! I’d have to say that my favorite photo is now of the family one we had done last year. It’s the only one I have that includes all five of us – and it marks a moment in time when life was literally…..perfect. Family life, marriage, business, faith, etc was all smashed together in a month of pure joy and I tried to hold on to it as long as I could for fear it would slip away. That moment, that joy, is what I remember when I see our family photo.

  3. Welcome back! πŸ™‚
    Of course there’s the photos of the kiddos…but like you, I like the non-portrait “artsy” kind. My husband always complains, “I want to see their faces!”. But, me, I want to see their essence!
    Lately I’ve been a bit obsessed with macro shots of nature – mostly the nature in my backyard – like flowers and pinecones!

  4. My favorite picture is of me and my sister eating a watermelon when we were little. The watermelon slices we were chowing down on were bigger than our heads lol πŸ™‚

  5. These are beautiful photos! I love the way you capture your children as they really are. So sweet and innocent. Love! My mom has several photos hung in their house from when my brother and I were little – they all involve me harassing my brother! Ha, poor kid! In one I put my play jewelry on him and in another I am not sharing my sucker with him.

  6. You always take amazing photos! My current favorite is one I took of my 3 kids on the pier this March. Getting all 3 to cooperate is a miracle and that day was a miracle with 80 degree temps! So fun πŸ™‚

  7. My favorite photos to display are super close ups of things that make the viewer tell a story around it. Like things that insinuate an entire story that is not actually contained in the photo itself, but which kind of tells itself in the viewers mind.

    A little verbose, but I’m on a boat and sleepy πŸ™‚

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