Things that are good:

Living a life that supports a great tale. Sitting around a table with friends and having something to share. Writing a letter that gives the best part of you to someone else, because they need it more than you today. Crying, whenever you need to. Holding the small hands of sleeping children. Cold brew coffee on any morning. Hot coffee on every other morning. Fresh baked home made cinnamon rolls and homemade potato chips. Changing the realities of what’s possible. Expecting great things. Stepping into your unexpected. Running just for fun. Wrapping your body around your lovers. Finding a hill to stand on and screaming your angry out. Alternately – proclaiming your happiness. Saying Fuck out loud and meaning it. Owning chickens. A fresh cut lawn and a glass of red wine on a blanket under the walnut tree. Making out. Long magazine articles. Non-essential accessories that look amazing with only one outfit and the wrong shoes. Striped socks. A steady supply of cheese cloth, it’s fancy. Saying yes when you want to, and sticking to no when you mean it. Poetry. Old barns. An aged scotch. Balsamic strawberries and grilled romaine lettuce. Praying for the greater good not just for your own good. Being Thankful.

Touring Big Red Lighthouse, Holland, Mi

BBQ at the lake


we walk

Remembering but not dwelling. Letting go. Visiting graveside with picnics and games of tag. Looking at old photos. Letting your daughter do your hair. Letting your eyes smile first.

These are things that are good for me.

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