The one about laughing

We’re away this weekend, just the hubs and I, along with a few other friends to get away and relax but also because the end of this month is our ninth wedding anniversary and you guys? We’re still here. Doing this marriage thing. We made it, we’re making it.

Yesterday was the anniversary of our first NOT date 12 years ago and although I knew what day it was and what it meant, it was just another day. A day to count down towards the beginning of school, to remind the kids to stop bickering already, to make more food and clean more floors.

I wasn’t having it and not because of the significance itself, but because – where was all the laughing?

Then my daughter had a great idea.

[There’s an imbedded video in this post, if you can’t watch it here, try YouTube.]

We found laughter and fun and a reason to dance around and be silly. Then after dinner we all sat around the living room watching old home videos together … we got to the one where my husband teaches our oldest how to ride without training wheels and that was it for me. I couldn’t stop crying. Ugly crying, snorting, laughing and weeping.

Videos of our old house, of our babies, of little chubby cheeked/blissed out kids … we were so happy. They were SO happy.

And then I remembered … I still am.

It is not easy, by the way. If I’ve learned anything the last 2 years it would this. But easy isn’t worth it, and this so is.

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