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We’ve been in a different building every single year since entering the age of education. Preschool is one thing, no big deal. But we tried 2 different preschools and we’re onto to our third school district entirely.

I am not fan of the choices, always second guessing our placement. I was raised in Christian education and Aaron was before he was home-schooled. We both decided a long time ago that public schools were what we wanted for our kids. For a lot of reasons.

The day before 2nd grade started we began wondering if maybe we were wrong. Maybe we should just send our kids to the Christian schools near us, we knew them and were comfortable with them. We both had history with them and could get involved easily. All kinds of reasons to send our kids through their doors, but the indecision wasn’t settling the internal dispute for us.

We started this year at the public school, on the fence. It just doesn’t feel like home to me but I think it does to Jessica. She’s loving it so far. I hope we find a tribe as parents and a family within the walls of our school but more-so I hope she does.

first day of school

As a parent or even someone who might be in education – do you have advice?

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  1. What a blessing having choices is. My best advice is go with where you think God is leading and ask Him to bless it. (this is not code for go to the Christian School) šŸ˜‰

  2. I wish I felt that way – but I don’t. All the choices just make it easier to change our minds. Always wondering if we’re really making the best decision for school. It helps that we’re FINALLY not moving around and in one place for a very long time, but it also makes this years school decision the hardest – because we don’t want to move her again. I am pretty much just entirely freaking out about this.

  3. Seriously – I STILL feel this way… and we ARE happy with East… but I wonder about how I will feel about middle school? High school? Will more change break X? He, too, has been to Lakeview, Quincy, Woodbridge, and now East. He seems to be fine but I worry. Always worry…
    I have no advice other than… listen to THEM. If they seem unhappy, or less than themselves, they were/are in the wrong place. If they come alive and seem confident in themselves? Then it might be the right decision… at least for now. šŸ™‚ I haven’t seen X happier anywhere else, to this point in time. If this makes him happy, then I’m happy. If he wasn’t, we’d be switching AGAIN. Go with your gut… even if it’s neutral right now… and your kiddo’s attitude and behavior. She’ll let you know. That one isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She has a powerful mind and will reveal her thoughts to you. We just have to get through the guilt. šŸ™‚

  4. School is sort of like life…what you get out of it is mainly what you put into it. Personally, I think a public school is closer to real life…different ideas, different choices, and, often, more choices than you’d get in a private school, unless you spend really big bucks on one.

  5. I can imagine that choice makes it much harder to know what is right… we have no choices here. And currently blend homeschooling and public school.

    But I grew up in mainly public schools with a little catholic school and then a protestant high school and I think there is no wrong choice–especially when you have as thoughtful and attentive parents as you two are for your kiddos!

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