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  1. I too love that $1.3 million dream house! We pass it a few times a year going to the cottage we rent.
    If you look at the listing, it doesn’t even include the house. They see it as a tear down.
    They guy that we rent the cottage from says it was the stage coach stop with 14 bedrooms and one bathroom, all on the street side. At the time, Lake Michigan was for transportation – not for recreation.
    The owner owns the house to the south (She bought our beloved house so no one would build there) and since she is moving, she is selling both of her properties.

  2. oh man! I wondered why the listing didn’t have any info about the house itself. So sad. I would totally move the house to preserve it. What a cool history.

  3. Oh man, Thank you Carrie! I don’t even know how to answer that because I just see it. Not perfectly by any means, I just want to remember the moments that take my breath away.

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