My tips for staying above water: relationship edition

Yesterday I wrote my tips for staying above water on the home front.

And I just erased everything else I had written for today’s post – all 1,000 words of it.

Just love each other. That’s my advice. Get involved and stay involved. With your kids, in your marriage. Care. Pray.

Be in control of yourself, my kids aren’t my friends – their my children. Whom I was so completely blessed with to be THEIR PARENT. To teach and give instruction (and have a blast doing it, but also to get through the muck of growing up).

Just don’t give up.


My dads penmanship - I love thumbing through his bible and seeing his wisdom. This is my favorite.

Sometimes I think we find these blogs full of advice and look for ways to pacify our fears by reading, researching, planning and dreaming our problems away. We worry that if we don’t do what this website said, what that pin instructed, if we don’t hang this quote on the wall or make these cookies – our home lives won’t measure up.

I’m throwing the ruler away.

6 thoughts on “My tips for staying above water: relationship edition

  1. “Just Don’t Give Up” – That’s the best advice EVER! šŸ™‚ XO Oh yeah, and trashing that ruler doesn’t hurt either!

  2. Well, what if I want to take what you just wrote on your blog and live by it? šŸ™‚ Great advice, my friend, as always!

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