I would like to kick the internet in it’s pants.

Ugh. You guys! The world is so angry some times. So caught up in their own reality that it forgets to look outside the window and notice the change in the air.

I get it. I’ve been part of the anger for a really long time (still am) but I just want to hug it out of people.

Enough already. Pick your priorities and stop shaming someone else’s.

I just don’t buy it – people who tell me that it’s “nice to hear” but “you have no idea” because my life looks different than theirs – I want to tell them where to stick it. And then I want to mention a few choice words that rhyme with “Stuck Few”.

You always have a choice. You might not like it, I get that. I spent the last few years not liking most of what I was going through and I made decisions based on that. Not a lot of good came from it, to be honest. Just lessons learned. But now I have that knowledge, for me. I have a reference point and a place to start.

So do you.

Stop it with the mommy blogging comparison parties. Stop hosting giveaways, stop shoving clutter in my life. Stop the noise, just shut up.

Ugh. Just stop making the lists of everything you’re going to do tomorrow and start fucking doing something right now.

Today is (and always has the potential to be) your someday.

Get to it.

6 thoughts on “I would like to kick the internet in it’s pants.

  1. Your head is a fun place to be 🙂 But seriously, I posted this and then panicked because … uh? I don’t have any (let alone all) of the answers. I have so many questions and don’t want to come across as the person who has anything figured out. Honestly, the only thing I have figured out is me. For the first time ever. So … this was raw and a little trigger happy but it’s what I’m going through and thinking and I thought maybe someone else might be too.

    Glad you’re here too.


  2. I have been silently reading your blog for awhile now…..this one was chalked full of things I needed to hear this morning. Thank you for being awesome.

  3. Applause for knowing who you are. So rare these days. And you’re right, comparing is a joy-sucker. Good luck in the days ahead!

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