She says “Fawn-daunt”

We get into kicks with certain shows on Netflix, I can only handle so much whiny-voiced cartoons in this house so I try to find something family friendly with a little bit of interest for all of us.

Lately it’s been Cake Boss and both Jessica and Oliver wanted to try it out. So we did.

We are cake-bossing our talent today.

I remember before I was married (much before), I was in Washington visiting my family out there and was at my Aunts house – at the time she only had one child and was baking a cake. We were all talking and she was about to frost her cake … but before she did she slapped an entire spatula full of frosting right on her table. She gave my little cousin a tool and let him go at it.

I was kind of mortified by it, to be honest. The mess!!!! Sticky, sugary white glob of frosting all over her table – soon her floor. And you know what she said to me? It’s going to get messy whether I want it to or not so we might as well have fun with it.

I’ve never forgotten that. I knew I wanted to be the kind of mom who could slap frosting on the table and not freak out about it hitting the floor or getting caked on clothes, in hair and underneath finger nails. So I really try to embrace the mess. To help create it, actually.

We love trying new things – and if Cake Boss can make a career out of baking and decorating cakes – it’s a viable option for my kids too. And maybe they want to be bakers? Or decorators? You never know until you try.

A sugar bliss

Cake Boss afternoon!

Cake Boss afternoon!

Jessica was methodical. She had a plan and that plan had bullet points. (They always do for her, so be patient when she’s explaining it to you. She has not covered all the possibilities … ever. Keep listening.) She wants you near but not involved. She had fun with it, but decided she didn’t want to be a decorator. But she’d like to be the family birthday cake maker, please. (Done!)

Oliver had a vision and he built it with his hands. He rolls with the punches, so to speak, much easier than his sister. He’ll have an idea but work with what he has in front of him. He might want to be a baker/decorator. He was in his element with fondant.

Cake Boss afternoon!

Cake Boss afternoon!

Cake Boss afternoon!

It was messy! And fun! And delicious!

Jessica's cake!

Oliver's cake!

Oliver on left, Jessica on right. #cakeboss

Time to taste the spoils

I love hearing their version of the day – when they tell Aaron what we do when he’s at work and the things they pick out to save in their memory … like I remember words and experiences, they each remember something new.

We decided we wanted to take a class together but there aren’t any classes locally offered to an audience younger than 12, bummer. So we’re on the hunt for our next adventure in “What could I be when I grow up … ”

(TLC and Cake Boss have no idea I exist, this was just a fun afternoon I spent with my kids pretending to be the celebrities we see on TV … and it was awesome.)

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