Some of my favorite lady bits

Some of my favorite things. (Soon to be blogged)

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“Less is more” was always how my mom explained make up so I took the less (as in none) approach for a very long time. Right after Oliver was born I had my “colors” done and have been wearing a version of make-up since then … but just this summer I found some amazing perfume, soaps and candles … and discovered Witch Hazel for my face and I haven’t looked back.

The two perfumes I have are Tokyomilk’s #06 Dead Sexy (a softer, subtle perfume) and Tokyomilk’s #03 Eden (more of a floral, vibrant perfume).

I use Witch Hazel as a toner and make-up remover and haven’t experienced breakouts in almost 2 months. I have oily skin and cleaning my face has always been a harsh regimen of chemicals and products – now I only use Witch Hazel and not even every night. I have clearer skin and not as many red spots or irritation from the harsher products I was using.

I talk about the candles here and the Shoreline candles are already almost gone. Mmmm, I love those.

The White Tea Calendula soap is probably my favorite thing in the entire smell-good industry. It’s cured me of my fear of bar-soaps altogether. This is my last bar (pictured) and they’re not spendy – I bought it for less than $5 … but don’t know WHERE to buy it in this part of the state, so I’ll be calling the 800# to order more soon.

There you have it! My favorites in the smell-good department. I think I finally have a perfume that I’ll wear forever. My mom has always worn Eternity so when I smell that I have all kinds of good memories and having a “smell” for my mom is just nice. It’s like home.

What do you wear? And was it as much of a process for you as it was for me??

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