Procrastination enables me to:

  • Not engage in vulnerable relationships
  • Have the escape of always feeling busy
  • Keeps me as a rehearsing victim
  • Helps me avoid painful truth
  • Helps me feel entitled, stay lazy
  • It feeds my fears and my shame voices
  • Keeps me devalued, easily comparable – never amount-able
  • I stay confused, helpless, needy
  • Ties me to past mistakes – my regret reel

Procrastination means I’m struggling, need help, need empathy, craving worthiness and that I need rest.

Frederik Meijer Gardens

I can recognize procrastination – ask it for a diagnosis then acknowledge how far I’ve come. I can remind myself of my worth, be gentle (take a bath or nap) and then leave it alone.

Then I can ask for help … or help someone else.


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