Kids and saying Thank You

My mom is the queen of remembering birthdays. Cards in the mail, anniversaries, boob cards to friends, something to make you laugh – you can count on a card from my mom. Especially thank you cards. This is something I’ve tried really hard to also be good at – turns out I only got the “Thank you” card part of it down (and even now am trying to get back into the routine of whipping a quick note out).

I’ve let so many Thank You’s slide, and not on purpose. Some I just forget to write, others too much time passes and a phone call has to do …

But I try to model saying Thank you to my kids so they also learn how to show gratitude.

Jessica just had her 8th birthday and we had a family party. (The funnest yet, in my opinion!) She got gifts, had party bags for her cousins and they ate all the cake! But at eight it’s not an easy task to sit and handwrite 10 thank you cards for the gifts and money she recieved.

So, is my best friend.


I first made a collage.

I chose a few photos I wanted to play with, uploaded them and then decided on my final layout. I had to save the collage to my desktop before I could start over and add the words. After I saved the collage …

I wrote the message next.

I’m going to print these via snapfish and have Jessica use the photos as post cards. (She’ll hand write THANK YOU! LOVE, JESSICA on the back of each one.) And then we’ll get to make a special trip to the post office where she can drop her cards in the big blue box. (Yup, it’s just funner.)

To all Grandmas, Aunties and Cousins who can and do read this site: you have to act surprised when it comes in the mail. So surprised.

It’s that easy!

A personal and yet fun way to say thank you for kids.

Here’s to hoping this lesson rubs off on them.

One thought on “Kids and saying Thank You

  1. That is a really cute card! My grandma has always been really good at sending cards and letters. She sends one to the kids at every birthday and holiday {at 87 she isn’t about to learn email}. She’s also very…ummm, “good” at reminding me that she has not received a thank-you note from the kids after she sends them money on their birthday. It’s quite comical!

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