Homemade haut chocolate.


This homemade hot chocolate mix is a family favorite. We had it out at the Holiday Open House and I promised the recipe. A few of you went to the store that night šŸ˜‰ (How’s it working out??)


It’s a 4 ingredient winner every time.


I’m a good half way through my recipe for the year – when you first make it you’ll want the biggest bowl you own, then you’ll need to find a bigger one. This recipe will fill my glass jar almost to the top. Maybe 3/4 of the way … I bought the glass jar from Walmart and the scoop as well.

Then, you wait for the first snow storm of the year which will mean it’s a snow day.

snow day

And no you did not cry when your husband woke you up this morning with that news, you didn’t. You couldn’t have because all this snow and being stir crazy and stuck in a house with your kids for ANOTHER day is exactly what you wanted to do today. I promise.

You go ahead and prepare the water because when it’s ready – you pour. And everything will be ok.

add water

no you stop

You can add your favorite marshmallows and let them melt just so. Then you can pop the question.


I’d say yes. Then we could wear fuzzy slippers in front of the fire while the snow falls outside.

You’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “Homemade haut chocolate.

  1. I sure did go right to the store that night. I made mine with french vanilla creamer and it was amazing. I then made homemade marshmellows and gifted them together at the Holidays.
    Thanks for sharing this sweet treat:)

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