thoughts on change

it’s ok to quit once in a while.
to grow out, grow up.

It’s ok to grow out of jeans
and the belt you’ve had since middle school.

It’s ok to grow out of something big in life,
like a house or a job or a hobby.

It’s ok to grow.

It’s ok to change your mind once in a while.
To think and steep with wonder over brand new
thoughts. To challenge yourself to try
on something new in the emotional department.

Like, maybe joy.

What if my purpose is simply to be joyful?

It’s ok be very afraid of that. To sit inside of
those questions
for days

and imagine what that would be like.

It’s ok to say yes.

And then to write letters to God and stick
them in a box marked “Heaven” like a mailbox
with an Angel as your postal worker.

They’ll get delivered right on time.

It’s ok if everyone knows
or no one knows
or someone who shouldn’t, wouldn’t.
Or does.

It’s ok to grow.

Baby watermelon

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