My lovely lady love.

Did you know that if you rearrange the letters in your name you spell “Lover, I”, Oliver?

I like to add “am” to the end of that one.

Lover, I am.

This is who you are, Oliver. A lover. Your sweet and musty morning breath: love.
the way you touch: love.
the silky smooth texture of your cheeks and the scent of sweat at your neck: love.

Did you know that if you stretch the letters in your name you get O-live-R! Like, Oh! LIVE! Rrrrr. A surprise and declaration in life. you are also this.

the exciting exclamation point and the certain period at the end of it.

Literal meanings of your name range from: An Olive Branch (peace), Affectionate, elf army.

Each one of these descriptions brings joy to my heart. You are the olive branch of peace in an elf army of affection.

our mighty warrior in love.

What a surprising gift you’ve been, Lover, I.

Your sisters nickname is “lady”, your’s has always been “love”.

together, you’re my lady love.

And isn’t that just right? how, by definition, having the two of you together, makes you the one thing I’ve always felt at a loss for.

And here you each are. In my arms, forever in my heart, healing the places I didn’t know I could touch.

xoxo (I love you!),

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