thunder … storming

watching the rain and waves

this rain is like water all over my
frail body

dripping, little waterfalls down the slopes
of curves, points, breaks and the scars
on my skin

matting my hair to my shoulder blades
hanging with everything it can to my
eyelashes while I refuse to close my eyes

I want to see this.

The lightning, I want to feel the thunder.

Saturating the concrete around me, my footprint disappears
as soon as I lift my foot

as if I’m the only one who might remember this moment.

A baptism from nature.

I didn’t know I was holding my breath
so I let it go

and the air around me comes alive,
every pore on my body stands at attention
the hair on my neck standing in fear of the atmosphere
hugging every inch of my body

everything disappears and I’ve never been this ….

… beautiful.

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