Do you ever?

Do you ever have all the momentum you need, but none of the resources? Do you ever have a plan, but no action? Are you ever buried under the dream of what’s to come but can’t find a way to make reality pay attention?


Then it’s just me.

It’s not a fear of starting – I love to start. It’s a fear of not knowing how to finish.

And after the finish line? Well … then what?

There’s always a bigger plan with less action. Always a bigger dream with much larger realities to topple.

Always more over there, less right here.

Or is there?

Patience is a virtue, one I learn over and over and over and over again. I need it, I’m thankful for it. But at what point am I the only obstacle I can’t get over?

And when that’s finally decided – and there’s no one thing left to overcome, I get to stare at my ambition in the face and it always asks me:

Now what?

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