Today is happy.

Today is happy.

A year ago we walked into a Title Office and they let us sign papers to purchase our home. If you’ve been here for a while then you know that was a pretty epic day. A huge surprise to everyone (because we literally told no one) and an even bigger surprise for us.

Today is happy.

It’s a full circle, happy, family filled, sunshiny day. And we’re here. We landed.

Bloom where you’re planted … my mom sent me flowers after we moved in to the rental during 2011/2012 and her card said “I hope you can bloom where you’re planted” … turns out I couldn’t. I couldn’t bloom there, it was difficult beyond measure for all kinds of reasons. But out of that difficulty, out of that year, I wound up here. Fully intact. Fully aware. Fully alive.

And, cliche coming, the older I get the more I realize what it all really means. To be here, to be active, plugged in. To be joyful.

And it’s amazing. It’s time.

Happy Birthday, life. We really like you.

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