the boys.

My boys, they tag themselves with work.

A calendar full of “guy stuff” and just now?
A conversation about camping in the woods.

We just spent the entire day gardening together.
Cleaning up a yard, walking to hardware stores,
buying a wheel barrel. And today my boys were men.

My littlest still has a tiny voice
but he has so much to say.

My biggest, the man I love; who loves me
with everything he is, his voice carries

… all the stories we don’t know how to tell

and he sings them back to us, a serenade of life.


Having kids with Aaron is one of my greatest joys in life. After having a daughter first, he was unsure of a son. He was hoping for more daughters, I desperately wanted a boy. A namesake for my fallen father, a man to raise like the one I fell in love with. I wanted it more than I could explain.

The fact that he loved his girls enough to need more … it just, there’s nothing like it. And watching him father our girl is beyond anything I could have imagined. They’re cut from the same cloth, he understands things about her that I can only read about in books. It’s magic watching him love so wholly outside of himself.

And leaning into what is the work of parenting a son – he’s exceeding the expectations of all fathers. Of course I’m biased. I would hope so, my world revolves around these 3 people. But it begins with the sun that is my guy. I love being a mom, always will. Always wanted to be one, this is who I’m supposed to be.

But getting there was the first blessing. With him.

And I can’t get enough of it.

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