Tulip Time 2013

It’s TULIP TIME! I live in Holland, Michigan and I LOVE Tulip Time.

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I’ve been an alumni Dutch Dancer for 7? 8? years, maybe more. My shoes have my initials JMS on them, before I was ever promised S as my last name šŸ˜‰ (Don’t tell Aaron. Ok, do.) So more than 10 years, actually. Either way, I’ve had a few years off with having babies or partners who had babies but I love everything about Tulip Time.

Here’s my go-to tips for how to make it fun for the whole family (and not spend your entire month’s budget on vendor food and carnival rides.)

Tulip Time is all about the Tulips (and festivals, parades, food and fun.) but mostly – per it’s namesake, it’s about Tulips. You should see some.

Windmill Island is a great place to walk around for photos and to get a good feeling for what life used to be like. Rumor has it they have a new park for kids too, which, awesome. It will cost admission during Tulip Time, more info here.

You can always tip toe through the Tulips at Window on the Waterfront. This is our favorite place. Every year we take photos of the beautiful tulips and the kids.

a morning walk

Walking around Centennial Park for Tulips or up and down any street close to the downtown district will yield beautiful photo’s as well.

You can’t miss the food vendors all around during Tulip Time, but your wallet might be wise to. I decided to try and make our favorites at home so we could still enjoy Tulip Time without feeling taken advantage of by our favorite little city. As much as I love Tulip Time and Holland, $6 for a lemonade kind of makes me want to stab things. Tourism!

caramel apples.jpg

My absolute favorite: Caramel Apples.


Our kids’ favorite: Corn Dogs!

Walking Tacos.jpg

Parade food: Walking Taco’s.

Elephant Ears.jpg

Everyone’s favorite: Elephant Ears!!

If you’re venturing into Holland for your very first Tulip Time (even though you’ve lived in West Michigan your entire life!) don’t forget to check out these family friendly places:

Mom’s in Tow is doing their annual Family Rest Area during Tulip Time with activities, specials, freebies and a safe place for you to change/nurse or let your kids be free from a crowd again this year. Usually on 8th St in Pocket Park (next to Cold Stone).

Tip Toes store has a great little tree house that kids are allowed to climb and play in. Shop around, let your little’s use some of the creative energy before being strapped in a stroller.

The Peanut Store is a must. Instead of cotton candy, give your kids $1 or two and let them purchase a treat from Holland’s candy store. (FAVORITE)

I could keep going, this literally is one of my favorite times to live in Michigan. Tulip Time and the summer season that follows. Full of fun!

Ask question in the comments and I’ll be sure to give you my inside guide/tips.

Happy tip-toeing!


4 thoughts on “Tulip Time 2013

  1. There is no way that you’ve been dancing for that long. We are NOT that OLD!!! šŸ™‚ I wish more locals loved Tulip Time like we do šŸ™‚

  2. I know!! It has been that long!! I couldn’t remember when I started or how, buttttttt it just came back to me šŸ™‚ Driveway dancing, yes? Love it.

  3. We went out to take a look at the Tulips in the park on Tuesday. They were a little late to bloom this year, of course, but still pretty as always!

  4. We went last night!! The good thing about living here is that I can go next week too when the tourists clear out and the rest of the flowers bloom šŸ™‚ I’m glad that some of them were out – but it’s SO beautiful when they all bloom together. Did you hit up the junk food vendors? When I was little we called it “junk food alley” and it was a tradition to eat dinner as a family downtown one of the nights. SUCH good memories!

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