So far this year

Sunday morning space videos.

So, this happened. And it turns out its a good thing @schaapy works in #GR. I wouldn't want to be the next kid who tries this.

Who me? Yes, you.


snow day

Snow days at Good Earth

Snow days at Good Earth

Carrot cake. #glutenfree #almondflour project: shop the pantry!

Kids in an RV!

Today is happy.

Starved Rock State Park


Change of address announcements. Only a year late.

Saturday's at Good Earth

Saturday's at Good Earth

A walk through the woods

Planting and playing


All time favorite: Lily of the Valley


Oliver's FIVE

Starved Rock State Park

Things are getting weird.


Starved Rock State Park


Starved Rock State Park

Starved Rock State Park

I did it. #jog #running #sometimeswalking

So far this year:

We’ve danced when everyone was watching
jumped when no one was looking
prayed in the middle of the day,
which always looks like heaven,
held hands in public and skipped
to the beat of our own tune.

We’ve cried over nothing and
fought about everything and
made up when no one could see.

We don’t have a lock on our bedroom door
my shorts are too short
the garden is planted
I sweat through my clothes
and always want more.

Our wash machine broke but our
clothes line’s still there, no longer in
diapers, we buck the naked shine.

I love this wild life, I want to live it
With everyone looking and no one
seeing and it doesn’t even matter
because I don’t care.

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