Country house on Mason St.

There was a single guy
who bought a house
at the edge of our
subdivision. He worked
on the old house with
his shirt off like he
was working on purpose.

I always wondered if he
bought a broken house
because he liked that
kind of thing or because
he was broken first.

And working on a leaky
roof and wood siding
gave him time to
heal from whatever
it was that pealed him
away from his own

Now when you go by that
house it looks abandoned

Did he put himself
back together enough
that he could leave or
did the house cave
in, too?

2 thoughts on “Country house on Mason St.

  1. That was my grandfather’s home. He and my grandma raised 11 children in a 3 bedroom home with 1 bathroom. The one remained original outbuilding was my father’s workshop, where he taught himself to do the things he does. He lived there until he married my mother, and was the last child to move out, a little more than a year before my grandmother passed away.

  2. That’s amazing. But I think it’s a different house – there’s no outbuildings with this one. I’d love to see the one your grandparents had though, that history is rich and full. It’s beautiful.

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