Fall Trail Mix [recipe]

You’re right, I’m hardcore ignoring the literal mountain of laundry to fold, the dinner that hasn’t made it in to the oven (yet is prepared) and a to-do list of emails, contracts, homework, work and other general life stuff to bring you this trail mix. I’m also ignoring the thousands of Spain photos I have to touch and the ginormous photo-storage problem I’ve accumulated over the last 7 years.

Because I have to start somewhere. And the trail mix won.

Fall Trail Mix!

You’ll need a few things:

Candy Corn
Sesame Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds

Fall Trail Mix!

I had a handy little 5-year old helping me draw, he traced a pretzel for you. He also ate the little pile of them. Research.

You could add other nuts but both kids have rules about tree nuts and peanuts in their classrooms so I left them out. Go crazy with the dried fruit, pineapple? DO IT. Make it to your liking, there are no rules.

I dumped everything in a huge bowl and stirred gently with a wooden spoon til combined then I dumped it right into my large canister (bought at Walmart. It was probably $12, I can’t remember.) and set it out on my counter. The kids can have it as a snack after school or in their lunch and it’s festive. When it’s gone, I’ll replace it with the Homemade Haut-Chocolate.


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