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I went a little crazy downloading new music.

There are sites I love to read who once a week, or for a period of time, only post music finds and indy artists with words and poetry to music and I used to get so angry.

Why do some people have to put motion to the emotions?

Because deep down inside of me I have the motion for my emotion. I have the rhythm for the ride and I want to stop feeling it. I want to get off.

My vocals are a little cranky and twangy and off beat but they’re guttural and spiritual and they’re hurting.

And I couldn’t listen to everyone else open their hearts while I was protecting mine so fiercely.

I have a brother who sings, I have another brother who can do music as well and his voice is like velvet. I have a sister who writes, who can sing like a bird perched in a dogwood in early spring, like a song of spring. It’s sweet and soft and beautiful.

I think, once upon a time, we all used to sing together.

And it was joyful.

Frederik Meijer Gardens

3 thoughts on “sisterhood lyrics

  1. I think the song the Lord has you singing right now is the prettiest you’ve ever sang šŸ˜‰

  2. jodi – music consists of major and minor chords…but it is ALL music. You have always been singing, my sweet, but not always in the chord formation or melody line you may have expected. I so agree with Stacey…the song you are singing right now is the most melodic I have ever heard from you. hugs.

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