Madrid, Spain

It all runs together like a dream for me.

First morning in Madrid, for real.Plaza MayoMercadosuper old olive tree in the middle of the cityStreets of MadridStreets of MadridStreet art in MadridStreet art in MadridPrado MuseumEl Escorial and the Valley of the FallenEl Escorial and the Valley of the FallenEl Escorial and the Valley of the FallenStreet artistsSunset in MadridPalace in Madrid at sunsetoutdoor MadridClosed on MondaysResaraunt w free wifi, we perched here for a morningOne of the entrances to Plaza MayoMercado de San MiguelIn the marketMy first macaroons!this guyMisters for outdoor seating

Field Notes:

# 3 nights in Madrid was perfect.
# Free hours at the Prado, good idea.
# Walking the winding streets and eating: main event.
# Drink the espresso! Try the octopus. Always drink Sangria.
# A day trip excursion, recommended. Next I’d do Segovia.
# Next time: Must see bull fight.
# Pay to get in the churches and castles – choose a location and do them (but maybe don’t do them all, in every location.) The audio tours (in english) are generally your best bet at touring monuments.
# Relax, you have nothing else to do šŸ™‚
# TripAdvisor is very helpful.
# Come back, there’s more to see.

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